Top Banner Designs Minecraft Guide

Minecraft Banner Design

Online games are trending right now. Now that we are experiencing a pandemic, a lot of people were forced to stay indoors to be able to prevent the spread of the virus. One of the things that people do to keep them busy is to play online games. One of the most current famous online games is Minecraft.

Players enjoy creating Minecraft banners in their created worlds in Minecrafts. Minecraft Banners are one of the fun features of Minecraft. Before, banners only allow you limited colors, but with the recent update, players can now be more creative with their banners’ design. Therefore, it has become a very trending activity recently. Here are some of the top Minecraft banners that you should see.

Pepe the Frog

A wooden door

If you love memes, go ahead and try this Pepe the frog banner. All you need is a white base for your banner, ink sacs, white wool, and red roses.

Awesome Face

A sign lit up at night

Other than a meme, you can now create emojis in Minecraft. It only requires a few materials like ink sacs, Dandelion yellow, some white wool that will serve as the base, red rose, pink dye, and bone meals.

Letter “R”

If your name starts with the letter R, then this banner will be perfect for you. To create this banner, you need to gather different materials like Rose-red and Ink sacs, and it will only take eight steps to make.

Evil Eye

If you want a detailed and somehow complicated banner to challenge yourself, try this Evil Eye banner. First, you have to follow some steps: create an orange base that has various designs and layer it seven times. Next, to craft this banner, you need to collect five dyes, orange wools, ink sacs and some vines. You can also change the color of the base to whatever color you like and choose dyes to complement the base.

Fawkes from the Order of the Phoenix

If you love Harry Potter, you might want to try this Fawkes banner. This banner is created by preparing a yellow base with six layers. You also need to collect some vines, yellow wool, orange dye, oxeye daisy and rose red.

Pokeball (GogonGaming)

If you’re a fan of pokemon, then this Pokeball banner is an excellent choice for you. To make this banner, you’ll have to prepare seven layers using ink sac, white wool, Bone meal, and rose red.


Every fan of the series Doctor Who will love this space-time vehicle TARDIS Banner. It requires a few materials like bone meal, ink sacs, lapis lazuli, and bricks.

Be creative in the world of Minecraft. It is your own virtual world to begin with. Minecraft is an online game that can be an avenue to showcase creativity and artistic qualities. With these Minecraft banners, you would be able to show other players your creation. It is a decorative piece for your virtual world because the real world is not the only thing that needs decorating.

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