Top 3 Free Interior Design Software To Download In 2021

interior design software free

Everyone wishes their home to be perfect. To get their desired home, people hire experts like interior designers, home decorators, and many more. However, in these modern times, things are changing. Today there are multiple software accessible to common people. These are specifically developed to design the interior of a house. Such tools provide guidance and help users in the form of 3D images. They can see how their house will look if they change settings such as wardrobes, tables, bed, sofa, etc. Following is the list of the top 3 software that anybody can use.


It is popular for its planning tools. The application supports both English and Spanish for its users. IKEA version 1.9.4 is the latest addition to the franchise. It is a product of a Swedish design firm. There are a variety of planners that can be downloaded and are free of cost. You can virtually move furniture and see the result. This is quite useful as it will save a lot of time and effort. Moreover, IKEA has its furniture and home accessories option. You can try out their customized items. Thus, it can be a great way to cut short the budget and still get perfection.


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SketchUp software is considered one of the best in the market. Users can draw their ideas such as buildings, structures, etc. It supports 3D visuals. Apart from that, you can see it in the 2D version as well. Sketchup came way back in 2000. Currently, there are two versions and one of them is paid. People have to buy a subscription for trying Sketchup Pro. The system is not just limited to the use of interior designers but architects, game developers, and mechanical engineers too. Sketchup is a great option for initiating creative ideas into action.


Just like Sketchup Floorplanner also works on 2D and 3D graphics. The software was launched in 2007. There has been an improvement in the system. Users can download the app version from google play for free. They can upload their blueprints on their website and start working. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera can be accessed through any browser of your choice. People can also share their work with their family and friends. It is multipurpose as you can use it for retail, instruction, furnishing, etc.


These three applications are easily available. They are free to use and you don’t have to pay anything. People can go for the premium version as well. These tools are quite accurate that even experts use them. You no longer need a professional interior designer for the modeling and redesigning process. Virtually move your furniture, cupboards, doors, windows, and many more. You can also record the size of the commodity. Utilizing such tools can give a rough idea about the outcome.

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