Toe Nail Flower Design Concepts That Can Improve Your Floral Cue

toe nail flower design

You must probably be wondering what SNS is and why it is in limelight in the manicure world. Well, SNS stands for Signature Nail System and it is a nail dipping system in which the nail is brushed against a gel base and then dipped in a powder. It is one of the newest and most convenient methods to get an easy and equivalent manicured nail even at home. Their additional features and benefits are what makes them in demand compared to the previous Acrylic Nail dipping methods. Check out everything you need to know about the Toe Nail flower design concepts.

Benefits of Using SNS Nails

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The SNS is a popular choice among both consumers and nail specialists. It provides all kinds of benefits provided by the previous gel nail polish but in addition has extra specifications which enable it to rule the manicure market. The benefits of SNS nails are as follows –

• The Natural look – The SNS nails are shinier, thinner, and more natural than other available options in the market like acrylic and shellac nails.

• Stronger Nails – The SNS nail uses a dipping powder which not only makes the nails shinier and smooth but the organically processed chemicals present in them make them stronger and healthy.

• Long Lasting – The SNS nails lasts for weeks. When compared to Acrylic nail, these are even longer than them. They have a lasting period of around 2-3 weeks whereas the normal acrylic ones last for 2 weeks.

• Promotes nail strength – The SNS nail dipping powder promotes nail strength and helps the nails grow longer and healthier.

More Benefits

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• Easy to use – The SNS nails are simple and very easy to use. It can be used by everyone and does not need any professionalism to get it perfect. A quick, easy and affordable product.

• Beautiful Nails – The product is simply gorgeous and gives finer nails after its use. It is easy to create unique nail designs using SNS and also available in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

• No harmful UV lamp- The old acrylic manicure requires a special UV lamp which may possibly be harmful to the skin or a gel nail lamp in order to set the polish smoothly but on contrary, an SNS Nail pain hardens rapidly after contact with the special SNS powder.

How to Use SNS Nails

The SNS Nails are simpler, easy, and convenient enough for everyone to use. They do not need UV machines and equipment to dry up and can be easily done sitting at your home. The SNS Nails can be applied in 3 simple steps-

1. Apply the Gel Base given with the SNS kit.

2. Dip your nails in the preferred colored powder given with the kit.

3. Apply the gel top coat to get a smooth and shiny finish.

Just 3 simple steps to get your nails done like a professional manicure parlor.


If you haven’t yet tried the SNS Nails, go get one now and take the advantage of the latest ongoing trend in the world of manicure. It is sure to please you and give you gorgeous nails with a quick, effective and affordable product.

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