Tips for Choosing Between a Trey and Beamed Ceiling Design

trey ceiling design

If you are considering a Trey ceiling design for your home, there are many Trey ceiling ideas to consider. You do not have to have an elaborate ceiling in order to enjoy the benefits of a Trey ceiling design. However, with these Trey ceiling design ideas you will be able to choose a design that suits the look you are going for, while allowing the light to shine through and add beauty to your home.

Most Popular Types Of Trey Ceiling Design

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One of the most popular types of trey ceiling design is one that is simply a series of tin ceilings. This is an inexpensive way to bring a nice touch of elegance to any room while adding some light to the space as well. Tin ceilings are also very easy to install and can easily be customized to fit any size area. You can choose a simple matte tin ceiling for a room that requires minimal light or a beautiful hand painted art piece for a living room that requires a bit more of light.

There are also trey ceilings that are simply domed ceilings with no discernable middle. This is often used to add a focal point in a room or to help direct attention to a particular object. In a master bedroom, a domed ceiling could serve as the focal point of a reading area or a nook for a bed.

Come In A Variety Of Forms

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Trey ceiling ideas that involve the use of tray ceilings can come in a variety of forms. In the bathroom, you might want to create a ceiling that has a stained glass look. This can provide you with a lighted ceiling that adds drama to the room. In addition to being able to light this particular ceiling, you can also opt to cover the entire ceiling with a stained glass pattern or art project. This type of ceiling could also be covered in a material that allows natural light to shine through. Many homeowners feel that stained glass ceilings add a sense of history to their home, since they were once part of an art installation.

The Tin Ceiling

The tin ceiling is another Trey ceiling type that provides you with a unique ceiling style. Tin ceilings consist of multiple panels that are painted with tin patterns. Typically, tin ceiling designs contain an area of solid color paint and a section of white paint. In some instances, the tin panels will be painted with a pattern or color that matches the background color of the room. However, in many instances, the panels will be left blank. Painted tin ceiling panels usually serve as the only covering on this style of ceiling.

Bottom Lines

When it comes to deciding which of the two styles to use in your home, it is likely that you will choose the beamed ceiling if you have a contemporary or modern home. If you have a traditional home, the traditional ceiling type is the best choice. For many homeowners, a combination of the two will be selected based on the design theme of the home and the amount of space available. A Trey ceiling design is an attractive option that is sure to make any home look stunning.

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