The Various Fabulous Designs Offered by WallFlower Design Company

A vase filled with flowers sitting on a table

WallFlower Design Company is an amazing company that offers the best floral designs. These designs will light up your world. For any event, they are always available to give you a dreamy décor. This company was started by Bay Area native Eleanor Gerber-Siff in 2014. She started with flowering in 2008, and since then, she has been doing this business. She fell into the world of Wall Flower Design Company accidentally, which she refers to as a happy accident. The WallFlower Design Company collaborates with its clients and puts in their best efforts to give you the best results. Eleanor is in the habit of drawing inspiration from her natural surroundings and using them to give you a lovely décor. If you are a fan of the Great Gatsby, then you will be a great fan of their work. You would surely don’t want to miss out on their elegant as well as classy work. Their work has a touch of sophistication. The work of Wall Flower Design Company is known for the vibrant gold finishes, bold fixtures of light, and contrasts of black and white, and unique decoration. 

Types of Designs offered by WallFlower Design Company

Given below are the few types of designs that are offered by WallFlower Design Company. 

A blue vase on a table
  • Optimistic Colors
  • Playful Forms
  • Geometric Lines
  • Layered Texture
  • Pops of colors
  • Show stopper pattern

You give your preferences, and they will give life to your ideas. 

Arrangements were made by the WallFlower Design Company

A close up of a flower

These are some of the extremely famous as well as loved deeply by people. These designs by the WallFlower Design Company have been used by people time and again.

  • Floral Design
  • Arrangement of Pure White Orchid 
  • Arrangement of Orchid 
  • Arrangement of Vivid Orchids
  • Modern Contemporary Orchids
  • Arrangement of Earth Tones Orchid
  • Arrangement of Succulent Grand Orchid and branches
  • Blooming Spring Orchids
  • Arrangement of Rustic Orchid
  • Yellow-colored Poppy
  • Tiny Movable Houses with Porcelain Vase on its Rim
  • Pink Blooms
  • Arrangements of Custom Succulents
  • Weekly Arrangements
  • Arrangement of Tropical Love
  • Orange colored Poppies in a Vintage Vase
  • Arrangement of a Fall Orchid
  • Arrangements of the tiny cocktail table
  • Arrangements of Silk Floral
  • Arrangements of Bright Orchids
  • Orchids with a Luxurious look
  • Flowers placed in the Riddler
  • Arrangement of Bar with Flowers
  • Arrangement of Flowers in the Lobby
  • Vase of Wild Flower
  • Floyd Column
  • Arrangement of Flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • Succulent Arrangement
  • Arrangements of Floral Table Décor
  • A Vase of Triangular Shape
  • Bricks of Flower
  • Peachy Dreams
  • Arrangement of Large Flowers in Blue Egg Ceramic Bowl of Robin
  • The centerpiece of Silk Succulent
  • Bud Vases 
  • Assemble as well as Gather Tokyo Workshop
  • Charmed Peony
  • Arrangements of Spring Flower
  • Fancy Arrangements of Orchid
  • Arrangement of Vintage Orchids
  • Amanda Westbury
  • Arrangement of Grand Silk 
  • Dart DJ Party of Holiday 
  • Arrangement of Signature Silk Orchid
  • Arrangements of Intricate Orchids
  • Arrangement of Blissful Orchids
  • Moon Jar
  • Downward Dawg


The WallFlower Design Company is one of the most famous companies that offer outstanding floral décor. This company has the best quality flowers and decorations.

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