The Best Flower Designs From India

indian flower design

Indian flower design is quite different from European or Oriental flower design. The Indian flower depicts various emotions and it is often used to depict the taste of people belonging to different cultures and civilizations. Flowers are such a good medium to convey emotions in addition to being a beautiful accessory. There are thousands of flowers that have been discovered by Indians. The diversity of variety that we see in flowers is one of the reasons why they are popular among people.

You will come across many flower species and varieties, when you go to India. They are known for their amazing beauty. There are different colors that can be chosen and each of them represent something different about the people of India. The flower design reflects the culture and tradition that each one of the states in India has. The different colors of the flower designs symbolize the spirituality and love among the people of India. The history of Indian flower design can be traced back to the sixteenth century BC.

An Overview

Indian flower designs have evolved through the ages and in present times, the contemporary designs reflect the modernization that the country has gone through. Some of the most popular flower designs include the Sunflower, Lilies, Daisy, Rose, Muskut, Ginger, Tulip and Sunflower. All of these designs are used in Indian weddings to celebrate and acknowledge the sacred occasion.

The Sunflower is considered to be a symbol of love and power. Its popularity can be attributed to its peaceful and bright color, which can be seen all over India. It is also known to be the national flower of Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The Sunflower design is considered to be a symbol of peace. The color of this flower is said to be white because it is seen floating on the sun as it radiates heat.

Best Flower Designs From India

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The Lilies represent beauty, luxury and charm. They have been around for centuries and their popularity is attributed to their ability to bloom even during a drought. The Japanese actually developed the Lily in China and brought it over to Japan where it flourished and was used as a symbol of luxury. The Red Rose is another symbol of love, which is often used to signify romance. The design of the flower is derived from the rose flower.

The Daisy is another variety of daisy which is used in Chinese culture to symbolize joy, happiness, hope and determination. The Chinese regarded the daisy as a lucky plant, as it was believed to be able to give anyone who possessed it good fortune. The Japanese also applied the daisy flower design in their art works and gave it a place in their rich arts. In fact, the daisy flower design is one of the oldest still remaining in the present day Indian flower design.

The Tulip comes from the European tulip plant which is known for its blue flowers. You can choose from either a single bloom or a large selection of blooms. The tulip is one of the most popular European flowers and they are found in abundance all over the globe. The tulip’s color ranges from a soft pink to a pale yellow. It looks great when incorporated in floral designs. The Japanese often incorporate the tulip flower design in their architecture and artwork because it suits the Japanese themes.

In The End

If you want to have an Indian flower design, you need to look no further than the many different varieties of Indian flowers. They are available in every imaginable color and are the perfect choice for your flower design. They are very easy to take care of and require very little maintenance. The Indian flower garden will look gorgeous with your flowers in every color possible. Your garden will really look beautiful once you have added these wonderful flowers to it.

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