Textured Ceiling Design Ideas for your Home

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Ceiling textures are one part of the room that needs some attention. You can find any type of ceiling textures from casual to formal that you can choose to apply in your room to help the room looking great.

If you like a complex look for your room, you can look at the knockdown ceiling texture design. For the formal look, you can look up at the combed look with swirling pattern. For you who want to apply a heavily textured ceiling, the roller ceiling texture might catch your attention.

There are many other types of ceiling textures you can find in this article. When you want to choose on which ceiling textures or patterns that suitable for your room, you can choose it based on what type of the room and what kind of you to achieve look. That’s why you can choose different ceiling design for each room for the house because each room offers different design, atmosphere and mood to enjoy.

You need any information, recommendations and suggestions to know which design that can create a stunning ceiling texture. Many experts said that choosing a perfect drywall finish is good for the ceiling of the room.

Here is a list that you need to know for the ceiling design ideas for your room.

Popcorn Ceiling Textures

This ceilings textures called popcorn it is all because the surface that looks and feel like a bunch of popcorn thrown all over it. People also called this ceiling texture with other names such as cottage cheese ceiling or stucco ceiling.

In general, the formal name of this ceiling type is an acoustic ceiling. These ceiling textures were made by spraying-on or painting-on treatment to create this texture. This type of textures looks good for the bedroom and hallways space because the bright white looking.

Fish Scale Ceiling Textures

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This ceilings texture is quite rare to find in the house design, one of the most uncommon ceilings textures. Not many houses applied this ceiling texture. This pattern is called fish scale ceiling texture.

This is the perfect design for an antique or classic room. You can achieve this texture for your ceiling by using a roller nap and a texture brush or wallpaper brush.

Scalloped Ceiling Texture

This is one of the ceiling textures you can apply for your bedroom ceiling, it is called a scalloped ceiling texture. This painting technique portrayed the look of a paint that is about to melt down to the wall. This design illusion will grab an attention to your ceiling.

White colored ceiling always looks great in everything. The combination of a white ceiling and light blue walls give a nice comfortable atmosphere to the room.

You can add some good furniture that matches the ceiling and the wall to make it nicer.

Textured Ceilings Texture

There are many types of textures you can make for your ceilings, such as Skip Trowel, Knockdown, Swirl, Lace and Spray Sand or Popcorn. These five textures are the most popular ones. You can find many other textures that used by some home designer.

When you choose a texture for your ceiling, you can experiment with some interesting design. Your whole ceiling will become more charming and attractive. All those textures will surely make flat ceiling surface greater.

Stipple Brush Ceiling Texture

If you want to make your room becomes boring and add some character to it, try this stipple brush ceiling texture. This will give your ceiling some depth to it. You can achieve this messy, unfinished looks by painting the ceiling with a drywall mixture using some slap brush and roller.

The stipple design can also be done by using a specialized texture paint gun and hopper. Make sure to have the paint mixture thicker consistency than the regular one, so it can create the wall bumpily.

Drywall Ceiling Texture Designs

When you want to apply a drywall design for your ceiling texture, there are some different methods you can try to create it. All those different methods will also give you the different result to the ceiling.

The most popular design for the ceiling texture is the spray-on design. You can have fun with the color combination with this drywall ceiling. You can make your ceiling cool and adding some artistic vibe to it. If you want your ceiling pattern act as an art piece, you can hire a professional to make your dream come true.

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