Simple Banner Design To Get More Clicks On Your Banner Ads

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In today’s marketing, the ads banners are very important, and they play an important role in marketing and branding. Basically, the banner ads are the advertisement images that are created in such a way that they are loaded with the information of the brand or a product and with the link of the advertiser’s page. The banner ad is available in different shapes and sizes. When you design a banner, you have a simple motive that you want to get as many clicks on the ad as possible. 

If you are trying to boost your online traffic by banner ads, then you must first know how you could make people click on your banner ads. In this article, we are going to serve you some simple banner designs and tips that will surely help you to make the most clickable banner. So let’s dig in to get all the information.

Tips To Design Ads Banner

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●    Choose The Banner Size That Is Standard And Effective:

Before you choose a banner size, you must know that there are only standard banner sizes that are the most effective and successful (according to the Google AdSense), and they are:

● 728 x 90 px – Leaderboard

● 300 x 600 px – Half Page

● 300 x 250 px – Medium Rectangle

● 336 x 280 px – Large Rectangle

So while choosing a banner size, you must choose from the above four. Also, from these four, you must first see the space you have purchased on the webpage and then choose the most effective size.

Let It Be Simple:

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You must know that when any user is using a webpage, then he/she is going to watch you adjust for a second. So your ads must be simple so that the viewer must get much information in the first vision.

Use Animation:

It is a fact that animation attracts more people! But as you are creating banner ads, you must create such animation that should not distract the user from the main information you want to show. Also, your animation must not be longer than 15 sec and not get looped more than three times.

Choose Appropriate Colour:

Colors are not something that you can choose as you want. Every color has its own preferences, and every color has its own impact on the audience. So before you choose your banner ad color, you must first know about colors and choose according to your target audience.


So these were some simple banner design tips that will surely help you to get more clicks on your banner ads. If you follow all of the above tips, you will find that your banner will attract people. I hope you got the necessary information that you are going to prepare some amazing banners for your brand or products.

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