Seconded Tips For Making Roller Banner Design Work For You

roll up banner design

A roll-up banner has many advantages over a comparable static display. For starters, they are portable. They can be folded and stored when not in use, eliminating storage costs. You can take them with you anywhere, as they can be erected and dismantled with minimal fuss. There are no poles or supports required and they can be erected from a simple push-button.

A roll-up banner has the advantages of a standard roller banner stand. It has a stand that is supported by a strong aluminum base. The graphic on the banner can be easily viewed from almost any angle and text can be printed quickly and clearly. It is a simple and effective method of publicizing your company or message. Roll up banners usually weigh very little more than 3kgs, so transport to your business from home is usually not a problem.


Rollup banners are designed to be easy via smart object transportation. The lightweight of the material means that it can be folded and stored without the need for additional stands or storage. Not only is the aluminum base very sturdy, but also the polypropylene high gloss graphics and high durability inks ensure that your banner is designed for long life. If you want to try out the ideas, then you can purchase a pre-made roll up a banner premium or build one yourself.

In designing your roll-up banner, it’s best to use a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator. This will allow you to layout your graphic, simply drag and drop your images into place. When complete, you will see the result and a live preview will appear in your web browser. The program will ask you for any other information you would like to include on your roll up banner design, including color variations. The software will also allow you to choose from different size banners, including those with larger graphic images, to fit the required space.

Protect It From Other Elements

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You must also consider using a carrying case to protect your roll up banner from the elements. Many companies choose to use this as a standard however if you would like to have more options or personalization, you can add your own. One example is you can use your company logo or company name in the banner. Another option is to replace the lettering with a more attractive font.

If you have a website or need to display photographs on your site, then you will find templates that are specific to this situation. A website is much more complex than a simple banner and requires professional photography to ensure your visitors have an experience that is of interest to them. A website will require a template to make it easy to use and for the most part, is ready to go. However, some areas can be improved, such as the colors or the graphics. Using a photography roll up template will make it easier to change or customize the look of your website and therefore increase your chances of attracting visitors who are interested in what you have to say.

Important Tip

Another design tip for you is to ensure your design is not too busy. Some people may think that a large roll-up banner looks better when the text is all together, but you can improve this appearance by allowing some white space between the text and graphic. This can also be achieved by adding an extra graphic border or perhaps hiding the text. This means your roller banner will appear less busy and will look more professional. You should also ensure the background of your design is consistent, especially when it comes to the background images that you use.


Using colors that compliment your business branding is also an important aspect to consider when it comes to roller banners. Using colors that are too vibrant can distract from the image, so you should use complementary colors that create a sense of harmony within your design. Using different fonts and text sizes is also a great way of improving your designs as well as ensuring the text is readable. Remember to keep your graphics simple, and your text should be clear, sharp, and legible.

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