Modern Interior Design – Home Is Not Just A Place But A Feeling

Modern Interior Design

Living Room –

A view of a living room with a large window

Let’s start with where we love to sit and hang out with our family and friends. Once a very wise man said “Walls always speak loudest” and that’s so on dot. Walls need good colors and decorations too. Other than carrying the weight of your entire house, they also enhance the beauty of your house. 

Light colors bring in a positive aura. Colors play a very important role, they can even change our mood. You can even go for pastel colors, they are the new trend. Then comes pictures. Good pictures give good impressions. You can put in the photo frames full of family pictures, this will create an aura of warmth and gives you a familiar feeling, a sense of security and will fill you with love. 

Go green – Home plants are going viral! They beautify your house and adds a touch of authenticity. It will also purify the air of your humble abode and looking at it will give you a feeling of freshness. 

Use lamps that will enhance the ambiance of your room and give a soothing look, you can use varieties of wind chimes and decorate the corners with fairy lights. 

Bedroom –

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

It will be good if you’ll choose subtle colors as colors hold a lot of importance. Don’t overlook the ceiling. Try to give your room an aesthetic look. Keep your bedroom simple and don’t crowd it. Don’t fill it with many furniture and decorative items. Using the right size of furniture matters very much. You should have place to breathe. 

Don’t forget to have plenty of storage because an organized room will give a feeling of relaxation. Cover the windows with curtains that go with the color of the walls. 

Modular Kitchen –

Go for big and spacious shelf. Keep it organized and tidy. Windows will be a good idea and drawers for utensils. Also set up an exhaust fan to keep your kitchen full of fresh air. You can use tiles printed with coffee or food pictures. 

Bathroom –

You need to tile the whole thing, the floor and the walls. If you have a bathroom of good size then you can go for the tub otherwise you can ditch that. Use big beautiful, simple yet elegant mirrors. You can always use some small indoor plants. 

You can also use tiny frames, keep it free, don’t overdo it. You can use shelf also and you can use basket for storing extra items. Try not to put too many stuff in the bathroom, crowded won’t look attractive. 

Conclusion –

Wherever you are and in whatever mood you are, your house always calls you. It is your all time go to place. Always take care of lighting of your house as it throws over light at your decor. It may be costly but if you go to a good dealer you will get the quality too.

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