Making Your Own Flower Nails Design

flower nails design

Flower nails are becoming one of the most popular trends nowadays. Even celebrities are showing off their cute and pretty flower nail art, especially Miley Cyrus. But why exactly do people love this kind of style? The trend of wearing nail arts started not too long ago. However, it gained worldwide popularity when the hip hop artist Bigga from the group Nelly was seen sporting these beautiful designs on her nails at a concert. In the US, many fashion designers have also designed nail styles inspired by different kinds of flower designs. The designs range from simple to extravagant and can be inspired by various colors, patterns, or even simple dots and stripes. The designs also vary depending on the artist’s preference.

Why Does Someone Want To Wear A Flower Design On Their Nails?

Aside from the fact that they make the wearer look so cute, there are several other reasons why this kind of nail art is popular. Most people who choose to wear flower designs on their nails wish to enhance their personality through this design. To be able to achieve this, all it takes is confidence and a good imagination. Remember that your choice of flower design will convey your personality, not only on your outside appearance but also inside your inner thoughts.

Minimizes The Possibility Of Breaking

Aside from enhancing one’s beauty, flower nail art also has its benefits. For instance, it can help minimize the possibility of breaking or chipping the nail. As the nail is kept in a delicate balance using nail art, it becomes much easier to avoid these situations. Also, the colors on these designs are perfect for those who have naturally fair skin. It doesn’t make them look dark as others think of them.

Accessible Nail Art

A tattoo on his feet

Flower design nails are also considered one of the most accessible nail arts to do. Compared to other kinds of designs out there, flower designs are the easiest to do and can usually be done at home. Moreover, this type of design can be created and implemented in less time compared to other designs. Flower designs are also very versatile and can be made to fit any nail style.


Some people would consider flower nails as trendy. This is because most women today want to be beautiful and fashionable. Flower designs are the best choice if you want to become one. Aside from enhancing one’s appearance, they can also minimize potential damage to the nail. With so many different designs, you are sure to find one that fits your style. Of course, there are also a few points that you should keep in mind when choosing a design.

Consider The Overall Look

First, consider the overall look that you want to achieve. It is important to choose designs that can complement your overall appearance. Also, consider the time you will have to spend on the project and the money you have allocated for it.

Flower Designs Are Very Versatile

There are lots of designs to choose from, and some can be complicated. If you plan to get a flower nail done, it is essential to learn first the basics of nail design. This way, you will choose a better design that can make a difference in your appearance.

Do Not Go Crazy With Your Design

The flower design should complement your overall appearance and lifestyle. It would help if you tried to avoid imitating someone else’s design. As long as your design does not violate any regulations, you can use it as a basis for your design. Just make sure that your modifications do not end up looking like an original.

Ask Your Nail Tech

Make sure to also ask your nail tech about the cost of the procedure. Sometimes, the cost of the procedure depends on the severity of your infection. Also, you may want to check if your chosen design will affect the color of your nails. There are times that the chosen design will be too robust for your nails.

The Final Tip

With your choice of design, it is now time to prepare yourself for the installation process. You might want to ask for some advice from your technician regarding this part. You also need to take proper care of your nails after the process is done to avoid infection. It is also essential to use the correct tools for your manicure to ensure that your nails stay beautiful longer.

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