Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Castle With Perfectly Suited Vaulted Ceilings And Exposed Beams

vaulted ceiling design

It typically has three openings – one large, one small, and one small with a notch or door in the middle. In a vented ceiling design, the ceiling in the area between the main ceiling joists is open so air can circulate while providing light and heat.

To create a vaulted ceiling design, first locate the spaces where you would like the three openings to be. Most designers start at the main ceiling and work their way back. If your space is quite narrow, you may need to cut down portions of wood to fit your opening. If your opening is wider than your wood ceiling, the wood you cut may have to be slightly longer than you would like.

Appropriate Rockfellow And Other Hardware

A close up of a ceiling

Once you have your opening ready, begin your vaulted ceilings project by selecting your appropriate rockfellow and other hardware. Choose a very sturdy and durable hardware, such as Rockford hinges and pinion wheels, and install it so that you are satisfied with its functionality for years to come. The type of Rockford hinges you choose will depend on the nature of your home’s original cabinetry design. If you’re restoring an old house, consider using original pieces of cabinetry; if it is a newer home, look for quality modern pieces.

In most homes, a well-designed ceiling fan helps to create visual balance in a room. This can help create a cozy ambience in any home. With a properly installed ceiling fan in your rockfellow-styled cabinetry, you can enjoy the soft whir of the fan blades at floor level while enjoying the natural light that beams up from the ceiling. This type of fan provides a pleasant respite from the loud pounding of the doors and the constant checking of the temperature by the owner. A good way to save money on energy costs is to install ceiling fans that use energy-efficient light bulbs.

A Modern Ceiling Fan With Lighting

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Properly designed, a modern ceiling fan with lighting will not only provide comfort during the cooler months, but will also enhance the beauty of a room. Most ceiling fans today come equipped with lights. This can make for a fun night during the holidays or a relaxing evening when hosting a dinner party for the entire family. When combined with appropriate lighting, a fan can help create the illusion of a larger space, creating the illusion that you are able to “feel” the ceiling more than you actually are. This can make a restaurant space appear larger than it really is and will allow you to dine with more ease than you could otherwise.

With proper planning and design, your vaulted ceilings can be bright and airy and still maintain a sense of space. If your ceiling height is not sufficient to provide adequate natural light, consider installing recessed lighting.

Track Lighting

You can create this arrangement using track lighting, LED under cabinet lights, or fluorescent tube lights. Just because your ceiling height is limited does not mean that you have to sacrifice elegance!

If you are looking for a sense of openness in your home, consider creating a vaulted ceiling with a cathedral ceiling design. Cathedral ceilings are usually made with one large panel covering the entire ceiling, although you can use a variety of panels to make a more organic look (see how cathedral ceilings in Paris look). This type of design is best suited to restaurants, where light needs to be viewed from every angle. If you want a truly organic feel in your home, consider building a vaulted ceiling with no single panel.


If your bedroom has bare floorboards, be sure to include a built-in, solid footboard with cathedral ceilings. Otherwise, exposed beams will ruin the effect and make your room feel very open and cluttered. If your bedroom is large enough to accommodate a vaulted ceiling, you can add an exposed beam behind your bed. If your bedroom is small, consider installing wall panels on each side of the bed. Your bedroom will finally be finished with a clean, modern look – just like it looks when you’re sleeping!

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