Low Ceiling Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Higher

low ceiling interior design

With the invention of the television, interior design has become more important. This is simply because we are surrounded by them every day. Low ceilings have become more popular, and so has the art of incorporating them into our daily lives. The main reason why people choose a certain image source for their living room, bedroom or kitchen is simply because it makes the room look more organized. In this article, I will show you three interior design ideas for low ceilings that really work well. Hopefully they can help you do the same.

Place Mirrors On The Ceiling

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One of the main problems people have with their ceilings is that they are too high. Therefore, a great low ceiling interior design idea is to place mirrors on the ceiling. Mirrors naturally liven up a space and can make small rooms look bigger. If you want to keep your costs down, only place mirrors on the ceiling where it makes sense.

A wallpaper is another of the many low ceiling interior design ideas that people use. Wallpapers also liven up spaces, as well as making them larger. However, when you use wallpapers, you have to be careful not to place them too far from an electrical outlet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with ugly electric bills!

Crown Molding

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Another popular low ceiling interior design idea is to place the crown molding on the ceilings. Crown molding really adds a touch of elegance to a room. However, it can be difficult to conceal it, especially if the ceilings are already very high. In order to disguise the crown molding, you can place a fabric curtain across the area, which would really add height.

People have also used low ceiling solutions to add personality to their homes. For example, one person in my office wanted to install a bar-style sink. We got a beautiful marble sink with a shelf for glasses at the front and installed several shelves with handcrafted wooden planters on each shelf. The walls of the bathroom were painted white, with several images cut out of felt and framed in wood. To provide the image source, we had several small screens mounted on the ceiling, at different heights, and across the backs of the cabinets.

Add Personality

These are just two of the many ideas available for low ceiling solutions. They’re often used by homeowners who want to bring a little character to their homes. However, you don’t have to go with the image source if you don’t want to. In fact, if you’re decorating small spaces, it’s often more effective to use several bold color schemes and textures instead.


Of course, some people might think that these days everything is made out of plastic! There is nothing more elegant than a low ceiling interior design solution that features real wood, delicate sconces and gold accents. If you have a room with no natural light, you can still achieve beautiful effects by using chandeliers with crystal shades or pendants. If your goal is to make a room feel bigger, you can easily do this by installing high ceiling fans. In either case, remember that less is really more when it comes to ceiling ideas. The more details that you put into your design, the better the end result will be.

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