Like a Florist: Tips To Make Floral Designs

Tips To Make Floral Designs Like a Florist

Florist is an expert who can turn a dull space into a more interesting one just by arranging some flowers. The arrangement can be an utterly romantic one or straightforward flower arrangement on a candle stand. It is possible to bring some natural touch when you make use of fresh flowers and arrange them in the right way. However, it is all about learning how to arrange flowers and making the best out of it. It would help if you learned the basics of handling flowers and making them look right. 

What Does Florist Say?

Like a Florist: Tips To Make Floral Designs
Like a Florist: Tips To Make Floral Designs

There are many tricks that florists make use of when it comes to arranging flowers. Here are some essential things that you need to understand about the best décor using flowers. 

Materials Used In Flower Arrangements

  • Flowers 
  • Water
  • Thorn stripper
  • Shears
  • Vase
  • Bleach
  • Preservative solutions

Primary Instructions That Helps In Arranging Flowers

  • First, pick the flowers of your choice based on color and type. Always try to limit your purchase to aromatic herbs since they are less expensive. More than that, they can bring the right ambiance for that time of the year. Of course, roses and orchids are available throughout the year. 
  • The flower arrangement that you try should be a combination of complementary colors. It should use all varieties of flowers. You can also pick one shade and one type if you are not a fan of multi-colors. For color and texture balance, you should add greenery in your flower arrangement. 
  • The vase should be picked based on the flower variety. Along with that, you should also consider the vase style and size as well. For a small space, you can’t pick big vases. 

Florist Always Keep The Things Ready

  • Now, start cutting the angle and keep the things ready for the arrangement. You can just cut about an inch at the bottom by making use of garden shears. Leaves should be kept as required. The part which goes into the water should not have left. 
  • Now, take the vase and pour water into it. If the flower needs a preservative solution, then it should be added at this point. In case if the answer is not required, then add some bleach. This helps in keeping the flower fresh, along with killing all the undesirable bacteria. 
  • Now, start by adding one flower at a time. Pick the most abundant flower first, and you should arrange it in a circle. After adding a few flowers, regularly check by turning the flowers. The arrangement should be symmetrical. 
  • Repeat the process until all the flowers are added
  • Now, you can add berries, grasses, and greenery as required to complete the arrangement.

Bottom Line

Like a Florist: Tips To Make Floral Designs
Like a Florist: Tips To Make Floral Designs

These are the tips that you should be using when you want to arrange flowers in the best way like a florist. It’s all about picking the right flowers and vase and arranging them as per the occasion. For example, a wedding celebration may demand a different kind of arrangement than a birthday. The good idea is to learn by joining some training classes and start getting into projects. 

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