Know The Right Way To Get The Plaster Ceiling Design Done

Plaster Ceiling Design

Plaster ceiling design is undoubtedly a popular design option, and that’s because of the few reasons behind it. They give an elegant, polished, simple, and beautiful look to your house. But, there is one more purpose of using this modern ceiling design, and that is to hide the tubes and hardwires installation within the house.

That is why most of the designers and home buyers prefer plaster ceiling design. If this is your option too, then you must know a few things about it. Read further to know.

Things To Know About Plaster Ceiling Design

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You might give attention to the amount of space required to install a new plaster ceiling but the space matters. Tubes, cassette aircon, pipes, and wires will be installed as well; thus, proper space is needed.

If there is no space, then the maintenance and repair of these installations will be difficult. Discuss with the contractor about the right amount of space; ideally, the minimum space should be 35 cm.

Check The Height

Height is another factor that matters before installing a plaster ceiling. Too low or too high can change the overall look of the room. And if you are planning to fix any chandeliers, then it’s even more important to install the plaster layer at the right height.

What Are The Materials

Do you know what plaster ceiling design is made of? It’s the combo of gypsum and fibers that form the plasterboards. These are then fixed with aluminum or wooden frames of different shapes and curves.

Some of the designs have layers as well for the extra effects. Make sure that the plaster ceiling doesn’t have asbestos material as it can lead to cancer. So, please ask about the materials being used.

Know About The Lights

Lights add a modern and contemporary look to the ceilings, but their shapes and color can give an extra effect to the decor. Cool white, warm white, and off-white LEDs are the popular ceiling lights. These will create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere within the living room.

Also, you can go for more color options depending upon your moods and likings. You can even try embedded spotlights to enhance the look of interiors.

Complete With Paint

Although white paint is used to complete the plaster ceiling design, you can choose different colors as well. The choice of color should match with the walls and floor designs. But, avoid choosing the dark colors on the ceilings as it doesn’t add a side effect to the room.

In addition to this, you can apply wallpapers on the ceilings to give it a classic and royal look.


No need to invest in heavy maintenance of the plaster ceilings as they don’t require it. Thoroughly cleaning with a sponge will give back an old look to the ceilings. However, you have to dust the ceilings often to keep the first-look alive.

These were the basic things that one should know before applying plaster ceiling design. So, get ready to renovate the home with this all-time favorite ceiling design.

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