Interior Design Style Quiz How To Discover Your Talents And Disabilities

interior design style quiz

That is why we have developed the Modesty Style Quiz, a fun, quick, free, and easy series of questions and pictures to get you started on conceptualizing your home decorating. Here are some sample questions we asked our participants:

Q. What Is Your Favorite Color?

A bouquet of flowers in a vase on a table

Your answer may surprise many people as red is not always considered to be a warm color. We recommend using hue wheels to see how many shades of red can be chosen for each room in your house so that you can easily match your interior design style to a hue wheel.

Q. What Colors Stand Out For You?

A large empty room

Some colors seem louder than others, while others can match a variety of decorating styles. Try asking yourself these questions to spark some ideas for decorating your home.

Q. What elements Define Your Style?

The interior design style quiz asks you to identify elements from each style that define a consistent pattern or motif. For instance, if you love shabby chic, you might look for a fabric with a loose, shabby-chic feel, such as brocade. If you want to create a cozy space, choose a couch or Ottoman with plush fabric.

Q. What Color Should My Walls Be?

The interior design style quiz identifies colors from your options only if they are the same as your wall colors or compliment each other. If you have pale walls and a black couch, then both the wall color and the couch color should be light to moderate tones of tan, off-white, cream or off-white. However, if you have an earthy color scheme with lots of browns and greens in it, then you should keep your walls a rich brown but choose darker shades for the accent pieces and furniture pieces.

Q. How Should My Flooring And Baseboards Look?

When decorating your home, the interior design style quiz can also help you select the right flooring and baseboards for your space. You will be asked to match the number of shelves, cabinets and flooring with the furniture, then click on the picture to get an idea of how those elements will come together.

Q. What Finishes Should I Use?

The interior design style quiz will show you the different interior finishes (polished, unfinished, modern, antique, country, Victorian, etc. ), and ask you to pick which one best complements your home. These finishes include wood tone, taupe, cream, gold, rust, rusty, soft white, and soft pink.


D. Finally, if you do not have a lot of money to spend on an interior design project, take a look around your own house. What kinds of things do you enjoy? Where would you like to incorporate a particular interior design style? Are there things in your house that stand out as unappealing? Once you gain some insight into what you like and dislike, you should be able to find a way to incorporate those things into your new design.

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