Interior Design Salary – Making Your Career As An Interior Designer

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Interior design is a course that deals with the designing and structural organization of a specific home, building, office, etc. Anyone eager to make a new living home is seen to consult an interior designer to get possible ideas that would make the home vibrant and a beautiful place to live in. Interior designing is a good career idea if one is extremely passionate about the work. There are different styles of interior designing – Mid-century Modern, Eclectic Chic, Modern Industrial, Transitional, Modern Farmhouse, Scandinavian, etc. Different countries around the world have different pays set for the Interior Design Salary and the designers are paid accordingly. Below is the list of the highest pay country around the world.

Interior Design Salary – Singapore

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Recent studies have shown that Singapore has now become the hub for designers with high salaries. A median interior designer earns around $37k and the higher and experienced are said to earn $65k. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, interior designers in Singapore do have a comfortable life. 

Interior Design Salary – London, UK

A living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

London is a top destination for new Interior Designers wanting to start the path in the field. London is known for highly elegant design buildings, homes, etc. The salary pay in London for interior designers highly ranges from $34k – $54k. This needs to be considered if someone is ought to start a career. 

Interior Design Salary – Canada

Toronto, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta is widely known for high salaries in the interior designing field. The median Interior Design Salary in these provinces in Canada ranges from $48k – $65k. 

Interior Design Salary – USA

The United States offers a wide range of salaries for interior designers as well as architects. The States where the highest employment in the field of interior designing is seen are Illinois, California, New York, Texas, Florida, Miami, etc. These States are flooded with interior designers and the pay scale of the designers ranges from an average of $45k to $70k. The does seem like a good start for interior designers. 


It is important for you to be passionate about what you are doing and at the same time, you might want to do your research on the scope of the course in this industry. We have listed out the salaries of interior designers you can expect in the respective countries but it is on average. You might have to focus on improving your skills consistently.


All the above-mentioned pays are according to the per annum structure. The field of interior designing seems exciting with its various salary ranges across countries. But interior designing requires a high level of creativity which helps in having a successful career. The whole salary system and the career depend on the individual’s dedication, passion, and creativity. There are several other high-paying countries for interior designers in the world like Qatar, Dubai, China, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Italy, and France. To get settled in a place where the country pays a high salary one must opt to check for the everyday expenses and the living lifestyle of the country. As countries might be high paying, but the affordability in the city might cost much higher. 

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