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Fearne Cotton brings together ten budding designers on the verge of becoming professional success at the prestigious London Fashion Week. The first in this long term running fashion-themed experiment will be the fashion designer’s first exhibition at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. This fierce rivalry is between Cotton and her fellow Designers who have come from all walks of life to take part. The result is a magnificent exhibition of designs by some of the finest Designers in the world. The results are extraordinary.

London Interior Designers Story

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Favourite amongst the London interior designers for their display were the solo exhibits of Peter Manning and Paul Gagosian. Peter Manning’s solo display consisted of a black and white room lit with pale blue and silver light. The collection was accompanied by works from teams such as Gehry, Sweeny & Partners and Atkins. As the series judge, Fearne Crooks presented the winning design to the editor-in-chief.

The next in line for the lead role in the London fashion week’s new series was Paul Gagosian and his partner at the moment, Simon Ware. The well know interior designers presented their solo exhibits. It was an instant success when the television cameras captured both Gagosian and Ware walking towards the stage with their partners at the side. The pair were immediately embraced by the rest of the contestants.

Jasmine Becket-griffith And Sarah Joseph

A little boy that is standing in a room

Then came the turn of the tables. The first two in line for the chance to challenge the leading interior design masters were Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Sarah Joseph. The pair presented their collections to the series judge which brought the house on its knees. Then Jasmine and Sarah were eliminated. This was followed by the elimination of the third contestant who was the fashion guru Thomas Beard.

The final four contestants were the lucky three who received a place in the final competition. They were awarded their trophies. A very emotional moment was witnessed when the first two judges were asked to come on stage and present their collections. The judges were obviously overwhelmed with joy as they presented their collections. The three interior design masters got to watch their competitors dance their hearts out on stage while the crowd erupted in wild applause.

The Instgram Photo Shoot

The Instgram photo shoot was then taken by a professional photographer. A video recording of the entire event was then made. The Instgram website has a set policy for capturing and uploading the content. The website also lets users share photos using their Instagram accounts. This means that anyone can view the photos shared by the guest judges in real time without having to wait for a download.

Summing Up

Lily Ripley was so excited that she shared the photo on her Instagram page and asked everyone to comment and critique on how she could improve. Some of the comments included comments such as “The clothes look great” and “She has a fantastic body”. The contestant received many compliments and win many hearts from the people who loved her post. Interior design masters will know that this story is inspiring and fun to read because it shows what can happen when collaboration between client and designer happens.

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