How to Decorate a House With High Ceilings

high ceiling design house

Apart from providing optimum light and fresh air, the high ceilings also help in building a stylish and impressive home. With the advent of new materials in construction, the heights of these ceilings have reduced considerably. In fact, many people prefer the open plan houses having open roofs and high ceilings. Such kinds of houses require a different approach to the overall home architecture.

There are several other important factors which determine the height of the ceilings in a high ceiling design house. These include the natural light, the theme and scheme of the building and the image source. As far as the natural lighting is concerned, you have two options – either the windows or the skylights can be used. The higher the window, the greater will be the image source and hence the natural lighting.

The Theme And Scheme

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

As far as the theme and scheme of the high ceiling design house is concerned, you have numerous choices. Some of the popular themes are ancient motifs, wildlife, jungle, waterfalls, rustic, Gothic, formal and exotic styles. Depending upon the taste and preference of the owner, you can decorate tall walls in any style you choose. The colors that you use, the furniture that you buy and the flooring that you choose for the walls and floors of the house largely affect the overall look and feel of the place.

The height of the ceilings in the living room decorating ideas is determined by the natural and optical image source. If your view is mainly from the window or if the building has many skylights, you can opt for extremely high ceilings. The opposite is true for the case when the view is from a high window and the ceilings in the room are low. You can choose medium-sized ceilings when you want to make the height of the ceilings comfortable and less cumbersome. You can also go for extremely low ceilings if your living room is very small and the ceiling height is not a problem.

For Large Rooms And Spaces

A room full of furniture

Usually, high ceilings are chosen for large rooms and spaces. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You can decorate a small room or a space with high ceilings, if the natural and optical image source is from a lower floor. For example, if you are living in an old house and the window is located on the second floor, you can choose a high ceiling to keep the ceiling height reasonable and practical.

In terms of the kind of lights and fixtures that you will use in decorating the high ceilings, you have innumerable options. You can go for recessed lighting, pendant lights, sconces, mini chandeliers and so on. 

A Color Scheme

You can also choose a color scheme that goes along with the image source so that the entire space has a similar look. You need to pay attention to the furniture pieces that you choose as well. Chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture should be selected according to the space and the theme of the entire room.

There are plenty of things that you can do when you are planning for high ceilings in your living room. First of all, you should have an image source from which you can decorate the room. It could be a lovely balcony, a fantastic hallway, or even a room that is right above your kitchen.


When you start your decorating ideas for high ceilings, you should first of all take into consideration the position of the sun. If you are living in a place where there are no sunlight and the only option left for you is to decorate the ceiling with chandeliers and other fixtures, you have to make sure that the light does not directly fall down from the ceiling and glare on the floor. In fact, you should install heavy-duty curtains so that any glares and sun glare can be minimized. These are some of the basic considerations that you should keep in mind when you are decorating your house with high ceilings.

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