How To Build A Coffered Ceiling Design

coffered ceiling design

You need to work with your home’s ventilation and heating as well. A good design for a new ceiling doesn’t only involve aesthetics, but also the functionality of the space. You’ll have to decide if you want an open plan design, a more traditional look, or perhaps something a little more unusual.

Ceiling Design

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One of the oldest and most common ceiling styles is the coffered ceiling design. These types of ceilings have sunken panels with spaces in between. You can add details like molding and use real or faux wood in these spaces. The material you decide to use will greatly affect the final price.

To save even more money on your new coffered ceiling design, you could opt for a faux material like MDF, particleboard or fiberboard instead of real wood. The look will still be very rich but you won’t paint those choices in either real wood or paint. You can save even more money by choosing a less expensive type of material in the trim. Real wood will cost significantly more than faux.

Paneled Design

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Another popular option for a coffered ceiling design is a paneled design. These types of designs give the room a very interesting texture. With these, you’ll have more options when it comes to choosing the actual details of the design. You can go with a smooth sleek design or something that has lots of different textures. Some of these designs have large panels, while others are very small.

One other option when it comes to waffle ceiling materials is to choose the material based on what theme you want to use for your room. Contemporary designs are often made with heavy metal and glass panels. Many of these are in the tile variety because they’re such a modern look. Some other contemporary designs for roofs are made with copper and tin. These also have a modern feel but are not as posh as the heavy duty metal and glass alternatives.

If you’d prefer to use some sort of saw in your design, the most common materials you’ll find are either one piece or double piece moulding. One piece moulding is a simple DIY project that can cost you less than half the price of two separate pieces of moulding. Using a table saw to cut out the panels is really simple. Most homeowners will have at least a couple of pieces of wood ready, so if you don’t have any ready milled panels, you could always find some moulding in a store that sells prefabricated moulding.

Purchase A Readymade Crown Moulding

Another way to go when it comes to the style of the coffered ceiling design is to purchase a readymade crown moulding instead of buying individual pieces. The nice thing about buying mouldings is that they come ready to install. All you need to do is screw them onto the ceiling joist and secure with screws. As long as you have a single piece of wood to work with and you don’t want to go over the limit with your measurements, you should be able to get a good, accurate fit.


The last part of building this type of roof is to install the beams and panels. When it comes to installing beams and panels, you’ll need to get a few things ready. First, make sure the ceiling height is 4 inches less than the floor elevation. This is because many kits won’t include beams that are the right height for the particular project. You’ll also need a level and mark, as well as accurate measurements from each piece of wood, including the joists.

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