French Interior Design Ideas To Inspire Your Home

french interior design

After long days at work and social outings, it’s nice to come home to a space that puts you in the mood to relax. French interior design style blends modern and classic elements into one cohesive look that’s elegant and functional. This look can be applied in many ways, including with furniture, flooring, lighting, and more. Let these French interior design ideas inspire your home design project.

What Is French Style?

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French design is known for its heavy influences from nature—both inside and out. Open spaces, lots of white walls, neutral colors, luxe fabrics are all a big part of French style. And while you can easily incorporate many of these elements into your own home, you don’t have to live in France. Not every room or space can handle velvet or other delicate touches. Before you start incorporating furniture or art with lots of natural materials like wood and stone, think about whether your space will be able to withstand them without being damaged or covered in pet hair.

 Keys To French Style

Nothing says ooh la like lots of natural light streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows. If you don’t have much natural sunlight or privacy where you live, consider adding skylights or at least a tall lamp next to an overstuffed chair for maximum effect. Also, incorporate lots of clean lines. The French love their airy spaces—and who wouldn’t? To achieve that look yourself, keep furniture and other decorative items simple with clean lines.

Tips For Buying Furniture

Furniture is one of those things you purchase that can change up your home’s decor. Make sure that you buy from a trusted source, buy what you need rather than what you want, and consider buying used items. Shopping from a trusted source can help save you time and money since some unscrupulous dealers offer goods at much higher prices. Buying what you need ensures that every purchase has a purpose. If it doesn’t do something specific, don’t buy it.


Wainscoting is a great way to add French elegance to your home. You can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that adds style and interest by adding it to your living or dining room. Wainscoting is also used on stairs. You can try redoing your existing stairs by painting them white and covering them with faux wood paneling for a lighter look. It’s crucial when painting walls and anything else to use paint that will last.

Kitchen Décor

If you want your kitchen to feel more like home, add a few flourishes. You might put up some colorful placemats or table runners or get a new cutting board. If your kitchen has a window, you can hang some curtains and even plant an herb garden outside. And as is true for most things in life, sometimes it’s all about how you arrange things. Consider organizing cabinets by subject (dishes, cups, cooking utensils) instead of alphabetically. It helps with efficiency and creates a more comfortable atmosphere.

In The End

French design combines classic style with modern comfort, and it’s no wonder why so many people worldwide want to decorate their homes similarly. The rustic details of exposed wood and stone mixed with elegant fabrics create a sense of nostalgia that is often difficult to recreate in another part of your home. The most important thing is knowing when to add these elements and how much you can get away with them before they start feeling out of place.

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