Flower Tattoo Designs Why Are They So Popular

tribal flower design

Tribal flower tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This huge growth is mostly due to the hip hop and new wave music styles of the 1990s. These styles are typically made up of fast-flowing and intricate lyrics and music. It also usually involves bright colors and strong images. Tribal flowers fall into this category. They are perfect for adding some color to an otherwise simple tattoo.

Tribal Flower Design

A vase filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a book shelf

Tribal flowers can be a little more complicated than a regular floral tattoo. One of their main differences is that they have thicker stems and tend to be more upright. They are also somewhat rare as they are very large and very common. You should expect to see a flower tattoo of a tribal nature on someone that is very tall. Even though most flowers are smaller than your average flower, you will still see a difference in their appearance.

One type of flower that you might see used in a floral tattoo design is peonies. There are a lot of different meanings attributed to the peony flower, but for us, they are basically good luck and also used for protection during Feng Shui. They are considered to be a kind of lucky charm because the winding petals are similar to the tail of a dolphin. It is also said that a Chinese philosopher once thought that the turning of these petals symbolizes the turning of bad luck into good luck. If you have this tattoo design inked on your body and face, you can use this belief to help protect yourself by using the design as protection from negative energy.

Another Popular Happy Flower Design For Tattoo

A woman standing in front of a flower

Another popular type of happy flower that you will see used in a pretty and delicate floral tattoo design is the gladiolus. The gladiolus flower represents hope and a new beginning. It can mean many different things to many different people, but it does have a special meaning to those who know how to interpret its meaning.

Because of how the gladiolus is such a delicate flower, there are different ways that you can portray this on your body. One of these ways is by having small amounts of purple or pink paint added to the petals so that you have a gorgeous look. There are also tribal tattoo designs that have small pieces of iron in the flower that bring out its feminine qualities.


Roses are yet another favorite with women. In fact, the rose is often depicted as a woman. They have been linked with love and marriage in Greek culture, which makes them one of my favorite flowers to incorporate into my in loving memory tattoo designs. You can find rose petals, leaves, blooms, and even the entire rose in a tattoo design. A very sweet and tender looking flower that will always remind me of my mother. She was always my best friend, even though she was older than me when she died.

Daisies are another pair of flowers that are favored by people who are into the delicate tattoo designs category. These flowers have been around for centuries and were actually used by Native Americans in their prayers and artwork. You can find these lovely daisies tattooed all over the place and even in different colors such as red, yellow, green, purple, blue, orange. The meaning behind daisies is that it is a reminder to stay positive and remember that even though time has changed, they will always be around to remind us of that positive message.

Bottom Line

Tribal flower tattoos can have black ink or white ink, depending on what you would like. However, the black ink is perfect if you want a more permanent tattoo. You can also get a tribal tattoo design in any color, but the black ink stands out more. So, if you decide that getting a flower tattoo could be the right thing for you, then make sure that you know what type of flower you would like to have inked onto your skin.

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