Flower Embroidery Design – Learn The Basic Flower Design Hand Embroidery

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Embroidery has been with humankind for ages. It is also believed to be developed by ancient humans. The journey of stitching began with the invention of the needle. The needle and the thread became the most important tool of the process of embroidering. In the olden times, embroidery was thought of as a female pass-time activity, and most women were involved in the process. However, as social developments began, embroidery became popular among men and turned into a huge industry. Today, embroidered clothes are very expensive and popular too. Here is some flower embroidery design. This article will deal with some of the flower embroidery stitching ways.

Flower Embroidery Design – Straight Stich

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This flower embroidery design is the easiest way of making a flower. It starts by marking a circle on the taken fabric and defining its center. Now, take the needle up in the middle from behind and stitch to the outline of the flower. Keep repeating this process. One can follow the clockwise or anticlockwise directions for continuing the stitching. One can also go random from the middle to the outline. This helps in giving volume to the flower. When the whole flower is complete, secure the stitch with a knot, and the flower embroidery design is ready. Add a stem and leaves to make it more beautiful.

Flower Embroidery Design – Lazy Daisy Stich

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This flower embroidery design is a little difficult and will need practice before becoming versatile in embroidery. To make it, bring the needle up through the cloth and then insert the needlepoint back from the same point leaving a small thread loop. Now pull the needle up through the loop to the point of stitching. And then insert it outside the loop anchoring the stitch. Go on this way until you complete your daisies of grapevine flower embroidery design.

Flower Embroidery Design – Woven Wheel Stich

This flower embroidery design is very popular for designing roses but other flowers like poppy can be easily stitched. It starts by making a circle and making five stitch spikes inside it. One thing must be kept in mind that the number of spikes is uneven. Bring the needle up near the center of the spikes and gently slide it under the first spike. Now pass one spike and then again glide under the next spike. Repeat this process until the circle is complete and full. At last, make a french knot to secure.


When you start embroidery for the first time, you might want to start with the basics and useless cloth to try and learn the same. With much expertise and interest, you will be able to easily bring your creativity to the job which is one of the advantages. Skills like embroidery need time and practice. Some techniques are quite easy to learn but it takes too much practice to bring quality and neatness. Using different shades of the same color can make the flowers look more realistic. Never forget to secure the stitch properly. Make too many stitches. This will give volume to the designs.

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