First Communion Banner Design You Should Learn About

first communion banner design

It is a special project for children and their parents. It keepsake for children and their family members too. During the preparation period, children learn about the symbols of this special sacrament.

It is very essential to acknowledge the exact mean of first communion banner design so that they learn something about the previous historical facts also.

The used symbols easily represent communion and faith.

Children occasionally spent weeks learning about the Eucharist, prayers, and songs.

The families plan a major celebration on this day so that they can cherish these beautiful but holy day vibes.

This means a lot for the ones who really know about the hidden facts.

Needy Elements And Symbols

One must have to prepare a well plan to design this banner. Each and every used symbol has its own major mean which showcases the hidden religious facts in a true manner. There are symbols like heart, cross, rainbow, and holy flames which combine to make the first communion banner design perfect and meaningful. Whereas the elements like 3leaf clover, grapes, bible, and chalice add a genuine touch to the first communion banner design.

Designing Parameters

The designing parameters can be varied as per the places and peoples but overall it bound the feelings of joining peoples who work as a team for the first communion banner design.

Approximately one must have to keep the size around 18 inches *12 inches of felt. It basically acts as the main background to make the first communion banner design perfect. Actually, it is more than sufficient. One can explore their creativity with the help of easily available homemade things to give a perfect look or can directly purchase it through the local markets. It can also be bought from the online markets because many ventures got the real mean and now also utilizing their workforce to design it beautifully and make it available to the target audience. The putting items also can be made out of felt, from/other fabric, glitter, beads, ribbon, etc. These items are quite enough. One just has to be creative and the banner should be a reflection of their son/daughter. Also, don’t forget to mention the name of the child. The shared facts gave a quick overview of how to design the perfect one.

Symbolic Significance

Each and every used symbol with the used elements has its own great mean which shows the real facts behind the whole scenario. We can easily understand it with the help of the below-listed figures.

The heart shows our loving God.

Cross represents our faith as Christmas.

3 leaf clover represents the holy trinity.

Grapes represent the gift of wine which becomes the blood of Christ.

The chalice represents the cup of our faith.

Bible represents the word of God.

Rainbow represents our covenant with God.

So we got the basic idea about the first communion banner design & its historical value.


One thing we can easily understand that these kinds of things give the occasion to the human beings to become reunite, enjoy the living moment and express their feelings with loved ones and make selected days unforgettable for life. 

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