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DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know

Some DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know

The DIY flower design is very much easy to make. Just as it is easy to order the flower online or to go to a florist to get the bouquets. Don’t you think that the things that you try to do for the first time will surely hold a special place in your heart? The beauty and the fragrance of the flower are very much noticeable if you get the opportunity to arrange the beautiful flowers in a bouquet. When you arrange it, you will see that its intricacies and patterns will become alive.

Your friends will surely be amazed when they get to know that these flowers have been designed by you. If you are a bit creative and want to do something creative with the flowers, then you will get to know about sone of the principle that you need to follow. This will make things easier for you than you think it to be.

Choose The Accurate Flowers As Well As Vases For Your Flower Design:

DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know
DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know

When you choose the flowers, there are some colors and shapes that you need to decide which will get along with each other nicely. If you want a contemporary look, then you can select the monochromatic design. You can choose a single large blossom flower if you want the focus to be on just one piece of flower. To put the focus on the single flower design, you can choose flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, lilies, etc. If you have many flowers which have tall stems, it will help you to balance out the things nicely. 

Some examples of such flowers are snapdragon, gladiolus, delphinium. They have that extra height along with beautiful textures. If you want to give your DIY bouquet a full and delicate look, then you can use the filler flowers or else the stems that have many small buds. These will serve as the perfect topping for your bouquet, making it more beautiful. Accordingly, you have to choose the vase that will complement the shape and the color of the flower design. If you are a beginner, then it is best to go with the vase that is of traditional size. Which means that the vase is neither too tall nor too short.

Bring All The Flowers In The Vase:

Now that you have selected the flowers and vase that you will need for flower design, you need to start putting things together. You can also cut each of the flower stem diagonally of about an inch while you hold the stems end at under the warm water. For this, you can use your kitchen sink or the kitchen sink or the largen basin. This will surely help each stem to absorb moisture and nutrients. 

The Next Step:

DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know
DIY Flower Design Tips You Should Know

Next, you need to fill the two-third of the vase with warm water. In the vase now, you can add the flower food if it is available. Then in the next step is to add to the vase some large blossom flowers. Then back off and see whether the flowers are proportionate or not. If your stems are long, you can cut them. If the stems of the flowers are very short, then, in that case, you can add pebbles or marbles to the bottom of the vase. This will help to elevate your flowers.

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