Daisy Flower: Utilizing In Flower Arrangements

Utilizing Daisy Flower In Flower Arrangements

Daises are one of the gorgeous summer daisy flowers that are packed with freshness, cheer, and charm. There are a lot of varieties in daisies that you can try, and daisy flower is the best choice for floral arrangements. 

Daisy Flower: Fascinating Facts

The word daisy has a meaning, and the hat is nothing but a day’s eye. This name is given for this flower just because it blooms in the morning and it stays till evening and then closes. There are two major parts in daisy flower. One is petal florets and the other is disk florets. Daisy’s flower is always considered as a stubborn weed. Daisies can be grown anywhere, and it can survive all over this planet but not in Antarctica. 

Daisy Flower: Utilizing In Flower Arrangements
Daisy Flower: Utilizing In Flower Arrangements

There is one more thing about the daisy that you should know. Daisy belongs to the category of edible flowers. Mainly the ones called ox-eye daisies are usually preferred for eating. Even the blooms and leaves are used as ingredients. Leaves can be used as a garnishing agent, and they can bring bitter and buttery flavor to your food. They are mostly used in salads. When it comes to believes and emotional aspects, these flowers are used to represent purity and innocence. 

Utilizing Daisies For DIY Flower Arrangements

Daisies come with really big and their shapes are perfect for making beautiful decorations. So, the majority of the cases you will not go wrong when you use these flowers. You can choose anyone among two types of arrangements. One is a colorful flower arrangement which is using mixed flowers. You can also select a monofloral method where you will make use of a single type of daises. 

Tips For Daisy Floral Arrangement

Here are some tips which can be used for utilizing the daisies in a better way. Florists give these tips, and they are handy for floral arrangements using daisy. 

  • It is better to visit some local floral market and pick the fresh daisies
  • You should visit the market in the morning so that the flowers available are new and at a better state
  • Always choose the daisy which has those protective cup-shaped films. These are better to carry, and they will easily survive when you are packing them back home
  • It would help if you made sure the packing is perfect otherwise the petals may fall off, and before you get them home they will be in bad shape
  • It would help if you cut the stems as required before even starting the arrangement. The stems are usually cut with 45 degrees angle and always make use of a clean knife for removing leaves
  • Now, fill all the vase using warm water, and you need to fill them just an inch. It would help if you made sure that stems should never go decay and soggy
  • If you see symptoms of discoloration, then immediately change the water
  • You should also trim the stems if needed, and this will make sure that these flowers will last longer

Daisy Flower: Bottom Line

Daisy Flower: Utilizing In Flower Arrangements
Daisy Flower: Utilizing In Flower Arrangements

These are the important tips that you should keep in mind when you are trying floral arrangements using daisies. 

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