Creating The Unique Look Of An Art Deco Interior Design

art deco interior design

It is an amalgamation of European and Oriental elements to form a new art form that came from two different cultures. What is more, it was brought from an eclectic variety of places – Europe and America. What are some typical Art Deco interiors?

Some Common Features Of Art Deco Interior Designs I

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Some common features of Art Deco interior designs include geometric shapes, mirrors, vertical stripes, textured wallpaper, mosaics, metal finishes, and candles and so on. These are not the only patterns that one can find in the interiors of houses. However, these were the primary ones that gave birth to this art Deco movement. These include Victorian, English, Japanese, and Thai styles. A typical art Deco interior has heavily ornamented furniture with intricate and geometric patterns and colors.

For instance, if we take a Victorian interior for example, we will find intricate metal carvings, floral designs, gold accents, and woodwork accented with silver and copper. The Moroccan decor has textures like ceramic tiles, tassels and embroidery. This kind of art Deco interior design has heavier pieces of furniture and ceramics. In the Thai style, walls are painted with reds and yellows. In the Chinese style, bold and vivid colors are used extensively and furniture and fabric textures are very formal.

Major Influences Of This Art Deco Interior Design

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There are many other major influences of this art Deco interior design. Besides the above mentioned Deco influences, we can also derive information from such art Deco interior decoration books as Fauvism, Cezanne, and Rembrandt. These books provide valuable insights on how an interior designer works. Another important source is the art Deco museum. In London, there is an exhibit that showcases the different interior decorations of different era. These are not the only influences, there are still many others.

There are several sub-styles of art Deco interior design. One is the Art Deco Luxury Style, which seeks to create a luxurious atmosphere through the combination of decorative styles. This includes such features as the use of precious and semiprecious stones, exotic fabrics, and highly decorative furniture. Another is the Art Deco Retro Style, which is inspired by the luxury and elegance of classic cars. The result is a modern home that is both comfortable and trendy.


Another common design is the Art Deco Studio Indigo. This style focuses on bringing to life a glamorous environment through the use of exotic fabrics and antiques. Exquisite decorative items such as headboards, mirrors, and Tiffany glass are used. This luxury and Deco style can be both used in the living room and bedroom, depending on the preferences of the homeowner.

Last Words

In addition to bringing uniqueness to an art Deco interior design, it is important to also pay attention to the key elements of this style. For example, you should use a bold color palette that is complimentary to the type of furnishings and fabrics that you will use. A rich and deep color palette is often reserved for the most formal settings, so it is important to remember that when working with a bold color palette. By paying attention to the key elements of this type of design style, you can truly have the unique look that you desire.

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