Contemporary Interior Designing With Floral Elements

contemporary interior design

Different types of home language come in and go out of style, but there is one type of access that will never lose its appeal — tried and original floral arrangements. Ideal for any room of the house, well-chosen flowers (whether fake or real) will elevate your interior quickly. The combination of the right flower type and the vase can ultimately really enhance your chosen beauty. Not sure if you should drive modern in cool or be big and stand out? We include seven inspiring ways to receive flowers in your home.

Floral Shelf 

Background pattern

Interior designers in the British studio Alexander James Interior Design offer a study on the benefits of using the same system more than once. It’s simple but awesome, the recycling method works, and it’s easy to change it (rotate your programs within you) to keep your space feeling fresh. Three flower arrangements scatter fuchsia pink pops on the upper and lower levels of this shiny shelf unit. Clear glass vases allow the vibrations of flowers to really shine, while smoky gray cylinders are deliberately left empty to allow their color to fade. Thinking a little outside the box when it comes to where to place your flower displays is a playful way. Remember that you are not limited to side tables and boards. Consider emphasizing a floor area with pots in a pot or a mantelpiece or an empty window that requires something small. Experiment with a floral shelf style in your home by using the same flowers to capture the eye. Or try a few different arrangements (think baby pink + taffy pink + deep magenta) to create a toning effect.

Less Is Always More For Contemporary Interior Designing

A close up of a flower

Often in contemporary interior designing, a small effort can equate to a large impact. This view is true of flowers and plants; sometimes, a simple addition brings the best results. London’s leading interior designer Laura Hammett is a masterpiece between dress and grooming as she styles coffee tables for her projects. Design is all about details — quality, not quantity. One plant embedded in a black angular vase brings new color and texture to this beautiful, clean setting of tabletop accents. Try giving your favorite flower or planting a single piece on your coffee table to get an eye-catching effect easily.

Colour And Texture

Follow the lead of Brendan Wong by using colorful flowers and textures to transform your living space. In this Sydney apartment, an Australian designer sets up a round coffee table with a purple allium. Their large heads bring scale and texture to the room, comparing a soft, smooth glass bowl to a table around them. The design is also enlarged in the corner of the room, where a vase with stems of text, packed in a set of separate breeding tables, presents a stunning beauty. The organic vibe is characterized by a few natural elements and a thought-provoking drawing of natural patterns found in the stone. Try changing your floral color scheme to give your interior a fresh look every few weeks. This purple palette is compatible with lilac accents, but emerald green flowers or fuchsia pink can work just as well.

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