Ceiling Light Design For Your Home

ceiling light design

There are so many types and designs of ceiling lamps, that it becomes difficult to choose. It is important to know the function of the light before purchasing it. It can be used as a source of decoration, for reading or for illuminating the room.

Types Of Lighting Fixtures

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There are several types of lighting fixtures in the market today. They can be recessed, chandeliers, pendant, floor lamp, wall sconce, table top fixture, chandeliers and table lamp. Based upon the function, ceiling lights can be chosen. They can also be matched with your favorite furniture or the theme of the room.

Most ceiling lighting fixtures are usually installed along the walls. Chandeliers, table top fixtures, pendant fixtures and floor lamps can be placed above the mirror. You can also install dimmers for controlling the brightness. You can find many types of designs such as art Deco, modern, vintage, Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco and Country House themes. In recent years, retro-modern ceiling lights have gained popularity. Retro-modern ceiling lighting fixtures are usually inspired by the works of Mario Boat and Casa 9toiles.

When you go for a lighting design, make sure that it matches the interiors and theme of the room. Make sure that it is not overwhelming and distracts the guests from the beauty of the room. For example, if your room has a traditional theme, you should install traditional light fixtures. It is not necessary to get a huge chandelier; a simple ceiling chandelier will do just fine.

You Can Also Choose An Antique Style

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If the ceiling light fixture is in the middle of a room, it can create an illusion of space. You can find a great antique style ceiling light at home depots and home improvement stores. Antique lighting can add an old world charm to your house. However, you should be cautious while choosing an antique ceiling light fixture as the bulbs might be antique and could burn out easily.

Light Fixtures Are Recessed Fixtures

Another popular type of light fixtures are recessed fixtures. These ceiling fixtures are installed on the ceiling directly. In addition, you can also choose track fixtures. They are installed around the door or windows and focus light where you need it most. Track light fixtures can also be used to highlight your stairways, as they are very durable.

A contemporary ceiling light design can be achieved with the use of glass or plexiglass. You can find contemporary styled ceiling light at online stores. These ceiling fixtures have a sleek look, and they can also be mounted on the walls. The downside of using plexiglass or glass is that they tend to fog up on humid days. If you want to keep a clean house, you should try to avoid using these light fixtures.

Bottom Lines

A well-designed ceiling lamp can also be used as an effective home accent. Choose one that has a beautiful shade and a design that complement your overall interior design. Make sure you also consider where you want the light to be installed. This will determine the size and type of light fixture you need.

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