Beautiful Floral Tattoos Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Flower Design Tattoo

Floral Tattoos are a popular design of tattoos that are commonly seen on a female. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and feminine, it can also serve as a symbol for others. You can have them in just plain black and white, but you can also opt to have them colorful.

They can be in a form of doodle or they can be as realistic as you want them to be. There are many kinds of flowers that a person can try as a tattoo. Therefore, we compiled some beautiful and meaningful floral tattoos design that people will love.

Lotus Flower Tattoo design

If you’re looking for a beautiful and meaningful floral tattoo, lotus flower might be your best choice. The lotus flower gives of a very “Hobo-chic” vibe that others want to go for. But it also can be as feminine, depending on the person’s liking. The plant symbolizes many things.

In Buddhism, a blooming lotus signifies as opening a person’s heart. In the language of flowers, it is associated with purity, rebirth, and enlightenment. And lastly, a lotus flower is born in mud, symbolizing that even something beautiful can start from the dirtiest place.

Lily Flower Tattoo design

As one of the romantic flowers, Lilies symbolizes many things. In Chinese, lilies are wedding flowers that bring luck and endless love. While in Greek culture, lilies have a connection with the goddess of motherhood and rebirth. Also, lilies have many varieties and colors with different meanings, so you can choose which color of your lily tattoo you would like.

Jasmine Flower Tattoo design

As one of the most popular flowers globally, Jasmine flowers have a delicate appearance that is suitable as tattoos. It also carries many different meanings and is often called as ‘gift from God’.

In the flower language, Jasmine is innocence and purity. It is also associated with great luck and honor. It is very simple and minimalistic which is perfect for those who wants to keep it light to showcase the meaning.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo design

A close up of a flower

If you love bright color tattoos, Hibiscus is perfect for you. With this design, it is easy to customize it and make it personal. It perfectly fits happy people as this flower gives off that feeling.

This Hibiscus tattoo design immediately brings out happiness to those who see it. It also has a different meaning from different cultures. In South Korea, the hibiscus flower means immortality, while in Hawaii, it represents respect and power. It has a strong meaning despite its delicate look, which is suitable for modern women.

Peony Flower Tattoo design

If you’re looking for a delicate looking tattoo idea, a peony flower tattoo will be your best choice. With its curly petals and white and pink colors, it is breathtaking to people who see it. It also signifies long life and is commonly used for weddings. People usually make it as realistic as possible when getting this tattoo because of its beauty.

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