A Complete Information About Discord Banner

discord banner

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that is used by tens of millions of users. People use this to hang out with their communities and friends. It is recommended for 13+ people. It is just like another chatting up that people used to talk about so many different things from school projects to family trips. There are several groups that actively chat on a regular basis. There are spaces for open communities regarding specific topics. People have total control over privacy settings. This app is loved by people as it is a home for all the communities and groups.

What is Discord Banner?

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Discord Banner is the latest feature of discord that exclusively allows people to customise their profiles. They can add banner images to their profiles. But there are 2 essential conditions for changing profiles in discord.

  • First, it is only allowable for nitro subscribers. Nitro is discord’s premium subscription. Nitro offers several benefits for their users like to customise their discord tags and it gives discounts on their server boosts. 
  • And the second is that you can only change your banner image from the  desktop site. Discord mobile app does not have the ability to add their banner images.

What is Server Banner Background?

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Server Banner Background is the image which is displayed at the tip of the channel list  while introducing new features to Verified Servers they introduced an optional image for servers. With this customisable picture you and your community can feel more unique. It helps users to identify which server they are visiting at a glance. You can set your server Banner from server settings. There are also guidelines available for the best results. You can add pictures with 16:9 aspect ratio and with at least 960×540 pixels. Avoid logo images. Use an image that represents your game or brand.

How To Get A Discord Banner?

If you use Discord daily, you may have seen several other servers with banners. You must have thought that how is that possible? Discord Banner feature is the exclusive feature of Discord, you can unlock it by paying Discord i.e. you have to get a nitro subscription. By customising your discord Banner you can get attention. You must have to keep in mind following points while making your attentive Discord Banner:

  • Banner’s dimensions must be 1920×1080 and larger than the 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Discord’s size zone recommends you to have 28% of the critical part of the banner on the top of the banner. 
  • You must keep text and other parts of the image below the top 120 pixels.

How to upload it?

Once you have enough server boosts, uploading an image is the easy task.

Follow the following process for uploading your Discord Banner:

  • Click the gear icon right of your username.
  • Click on edit profile.
  • Then click on the change banner.
  • That will open your computer’s file browser, from where you can choose the image you want to use as your banner.
  • After selecting your image click on apply.
  • Click on the save changes to save your new discord profile banner. 
  • That’s it your profile has got a new Discord Banner.


We hope that you have got enough information about Discord Banner and how to upload it. This feature is one of the most amazing and exclusive features of Discord. But sadly it is only available when you have a Nitro Subscription. Only after that you can customise your profile. And the subscription fees are nominal and it gives amazing perks to their subscribers.

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