6 Trendy Bedroom Ceiling Design For The Homes Of 2021

bedroom ceiling design

Bedrooms are everyone’s favorite spot in the house where we can be the real you. Bedrooms are not just to give you a good night’s sleep but also act as your private territories. 

Whether you are a couple who is living together or single, enjoying bachelorhood. Your bedroom ceiling design should make your room look heaven on earth. It should reflect your personality and match the overall look of the room. 

Having a beautiful bedroom ceiling design minimizes the need for a full furniture room. So for your bedroom ceiling design, we have some trendy and beautiful options you will love. 

6 Trendy Bedroom Ceiling Design

Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design

A fountain in a dark room

A simple bedroom ceiling design with recessed style roof touched with bright LED lights on the corner. The highlight of a simple bedroom ceiling design is their decorative elements on the sides or corners that add a whole new look to the room. 

False Bedroom Ceiling Design For Master

For a little bit of elegance and some class, go for minimalistic yet trendy jhoomars on the ceiling. Along with giving your room a glamorous look, the ceiling will also serve many purposes like hiding ugly wirings. 

False Bedroom Ceiling Design For Small Room

Decorating the size of a room should never be a barrier to good decor. If you plan wisely, even the tiny room can be converted into masterpieces. For small room ceilings adding lights in the gaps lend an illustration of an airy and bright room. 

False Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan

An oddly shaped room is nearly defined with a false ceiling and paired with a designer fan in the center. Makes such a good false bedroom ceiling design. Adding a row of lights in the gap will control the amount of brightness in the room. 

False Bedroom Ceiling Design For Kids Room

To make an adorable kid’s room cum baby nursery fill the entire room with creative elements. The ceiling of the kid’s room is the standard decore that should be a child’s preference. You can put a false blue ceiling in tiny cloud shapes to make it look great. 

Pop Indian Bedroom Ceiling Design

Take inspiration from a contemporary Indian bedroom ceiling design. The elegant white ceiling that features different panels of background, which is dark. The lighting and maintenance of the roof are done through the grooves in between. As well as this bedroom ceiling design can hide all wiring works. 


That completes my list of trendy bedroom ceiling designs. Before confirming any pattern, I recommend speaking to your interior designer. An interior designer will help you find great options under budget, according to room dimensions and suitable material. 

There’s always a specific region where few materials work best; for instance, in hilly areas, woods work great. So consider that as well. 

Don’t forget budget plays an important role as well! That’s why speaking to an interior designer before finalizing bedroom ceiling design will help. 

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