3 Most Important Things To Consider Before Installing Coffered Ceilings

coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a classic architectural detail consisting of a series of square, rectangular, or octagon grids in three-dimension sunken or recessed panels. The word coffer means ”indentation.” Coffered ceilings have a decorative 3D grid embedded into them. Aesthetically, coffered ceilings result in a dramatic sense of five walls in a room, and they often reflect a sense of magnificence. But, these magnificent coffered ceilings also have a practical side. These are extremely useful to cover up architectural oddities of a ceiling’s structural elements, such as beams or pipes, which you can’t remove. Often overlooked by homeowners, ceilings are often a blank canvas for designers, and it is a great place for adding architectural detailing to dramatize a room. Anything to help draw your eyes upwards gives the illusion of higher ceilings and grandeur. If you are looking for imagination and inspiration, coffered ceilings are a famous historic ornamental element that works well in many spaces. Coffered ceilings are pretty flexible in terms of style. A coffer in architecture is a series of hollow panels often used as decoration for a ceiling. The strength of this structure is in the framework of the coffers

Know About The Important Points To Consider Before Installing Coffered Ceilings 

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Every new addition has some critical points to consider before its installation. These magnificent coffered ceilings also require some crucial things to be considered before their installation. Please have a look at it! 

Make Sure Your Ceilings Are Nine To Ten Feet High

The ceiling’s height should be 9 to 10 feet or higher so that the beams do not feel like they are right on the top of your head. If the ceiling is too low, that can be a nonstarter for some people. We will recommend another type of ceiling detail like beadboard or shiplap as an alternative. 

You Can Go Bold With Color

Consider painting the coffered ceiling a complementary color to the room, as it doesn’t necessarily need to be painted white. A coffered detailing painted black and the dramatic paint color enhance the elegant detailing all the more. 

Set A Budget 

The first thing is to ensure that this beautiful ceiling detail aligns with the budget you have in your mind. There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into creating these perfectly segmented details. Coffered ceilings can get expensive very fast. A slight more addition can make your price too expensive. But the good part is they can add to your home’s resale value so that you get enough amount for it whenever you sell your home. 


This article brings you the crucial points to consider before installing these magnificent coffered ceilings. I hope you liked it and found it helpful in creating your new home. Go for these latest additions and share your views with us! 

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